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In today’s world, “Business as Usual” just isn’t enough to remain competitive.  AI MAXTools™ is a suite of add-in tools for PTC’s CoCreate Modeling that addresses this problem. Our tools provide increased productivity, higher design quality, shorter design cycles, more accurate and complete models, fewer mistakes, and improved control over life/work balance.  The impact of these tools on your organization is much more than just the measurable ROI – we help streamline your thought processes and design methodologies, improving both productivity and morale.

The AI MAXTools suite has two components: AI DesignMAX™, which is primarily focused on accelerating the design phase, and AI DataMAX™, which is primarily focused on data exchange.

AI DesignMAX

AI DesignMAX Image AI DesignMAX has the tools to give you that extra edge when designing and eliminates many of the roadblocks you have previously experienced.  Our tools allow you to build more complete and accurate models, enabling you to do more verification in the design phase rather than waiting for prototypes.  Best of all, this extra quality and completeness requires almost no increase in time and effort!  See what you can do with AI DesignMAX.


AI DataMAX Image Exporting data couldn’t be easier than with AI DataMAX.  With just a few clicks, you can export multiple parts and assemblies into multiple data formats.  AI DataMAX automatically generates intelligent filenames for each object, virtually eliminating the need to type filenames.  Just set it up, let it run, and your job is done!  See what you can do with AI DataMAX!

AI Custom Solutions

If you have a specific need, AI MAXTools' development team is also able to provide custom solutions to significantly improve your productivity at very reasonable prices.  Please Contact Us for more information or to discuss your specific requirements.  We'd love to help you get the most out of your tools!


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