Creo Direct vs. Creo Elements/Direct: What is the difference?

Even though Creo 2.0 has been released, the confusion about the product naming seems to have grown.  We have provided some clarification below:

Creo Elements/Direct is the name for the direct modeling product family formerly known as CoCreate.  It has been actively developed for more than 20 years, as it began as SolidDesigner within HP in the early 1990s.  Creo Elements/Direct contains all of the functionality that CoCreate users expect (since it's the same product).  Interaction with Pro/Engineer and Creo Parametric is still done using neutral files, as before (though more recent versions of Creo Elements/Direct can read and write Granite-format files).  The PTC product roadmap (as of June 2012) shows new releases of Creo Elements/Direct (indicating continued development and support) through at least 2015, with a high likelihood of continued development for several additional years beyond that.

Creo Direct is a totally new app built on the Creo Common Data Model.  It's being written "from the ground up" as a new direct modeling app to complement Creo Parametric (the successor to Pro/Engineer WildFire).  At this time, Creo Direct 2.0 is still a fairly basic modeling tool, but can directly read and write files in the format used by Creo Parametric and other Creo apps.  The long-term plans are for Creo Direct to include all of the functionality of the Creo Elements/Direct product, allowing for an easy transition for users of Creo Elements/Direct once that functionality is finally achieved.


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