Thoughts on the New Ribbon UI for v18 (updated June 2011):

We had a chance in back in January to visit PTC for the Technical Committee meetings.  While there, we were able to actually use an early version of Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) Modeling v18 and experiment with the new ribbon User Interface.  Most of the people in our session (including us) really liked it, with several commenting that they were actually quite surprised that they did like it since they had used the ribbon UI in MS Office and found it difficult to work with.  As we've had a chance to use it a bit more over the past few months, we still like it, though there are some things that are still hard to find.  All in all, we think it's an improvement!  Here is a screenshot of the v18 UI Main Menu:

Modeling v18 UI Main Menu


AI MAXTools Menu using the Ribbon UI:

We have built our own custom ribbon UI for v18 using the supplied customization functionality.  This new ribbon UI allows us to provide direct access to almost every AI MAXTools function, including being able to "feature" some functions by using larger buttons, and also to have smart pulldown sub-menus that remember the last function chosen from that list.  This direct access to the AI MAXTools functionality gives you an additional productivity boost!  Here is a screenshot of the new AI MAXTools ribbon UI (only available under v18 and later, of course):


AI MAXTools Main Menu in v18 ribbon UI



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