Creo Brings Both Excitement and Uncertainty

PTC's announcement of Creo™ has caused a great deal of buzz in the 3D CAD Community.  At AI MAXTools™, we're definitely excited about the possibilities that Creo may bring to the CAD world.  At the same time, we also understand the uncertainty and concern that many current Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) customers feel about the new platform and what impact it will have on their processes and infrastructure, and whether it will be worthwhile for them to make the change.  We've also had quite a few questions about how Creo will impact the AI MAXTools products, how our current customers will be affected, and what our plans are for future development.  Read on for the latest information regarding the product status and plans from PTC and AI MAXTools.

If you have any questions about the differences between Creo Elements/Direct (i.e. CoCreate) and Creo Direct, please click here.

The current State of Creo Direct and Creo Elements/Direct (updated June 2015)

Interest in the Direct Modeling technologies is at an all-time high.  PTC's customers continue to express great interest in their Direct Modeling solutions.  Creo Direct is at version 2.0, and Creo Elements/Direct is at version 19.  Creo Direct 3.0 has been released, and Creo Direct 4.0 is expected to be released in Spring 2015, at the same time as Creo Elements/Direct 20.0.  As customers learn about the power of Creo Elements/Direct, the number of people using the Creo Elements/Direct platform continues to grow significantly.  At AI MAXTools, we're seeing much more interest in Creo Elements/Direct than in the new Creo Direct app, as those we've talked to want to wait until the new app contains equivalent functionality to what is found in Creo Elements/Direct.

At PTC Live Global 2015, we were told that "PTC is committed to continuing to support and enhance PTC Creo Elements/Direct for many years." We were also informed that progress on Creo Direct is going slower than expected.  Given that information, combined with what we're hearing from our customers, our development plans are as follows:

  • Current CoCreate (Creo Elements/Direct) platform: Since the demand we're seeing in direct modeling is almost exclusively for the Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate) platform, we are continuing to actively enhance and support the existing AI MAXTools product suite for Creo Elements/Direct (v15-v19+).  This allows current and future Modeling users to get great benefit from our tools right now, and increased benefit in the future -- we won't forget about you!
  • Creo platform: As a Gold member of the PTC PartnerAdvantage Software program, we have been given some visibility as to what to expect.  We still don't have all the answers, but based on the information we have received from PTC, we expect that it will still be quite some time before the Creo Direct platform will contain a significant portion of the CoCreate functionality.  We are planning to evaluate the Creo Direct and Creo Parametric platforms and determine what opportunities exist that will be most beneficial for our current and potential customers.  This includes areas covered by the existing AI MAXTools suite as well as new functionality (TBD).

Licensing Flexibility for Maximum Value:

To help ensure that we are providing maximum value and flexibility to our customers, we are planning to provide all AI MAXTools customers with licenses for the equivalent Creo tools (as applicable) during their currently active AI MAXTools license term.  This will allow our customers to make the switch to Creo when the time is right for them, without being constrained by license periods.


This is definitely an exciting time in the CAD world, but many people are feeling a great deal of uncertainty.  AI MAXTools is committed to do everything we can to help all Creo Elements/Direct (CoCreate) users get the maximum benefit from their tools, and are planning to be able to help Creo users in the future!


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