Installation Support


Installing products from Aspiration Innovation is very simple.  Simply run the installation executable file and follow the instructions.  The default installation location is "C:\asp-inno" though you can choose whatever location you want, including on a network drive.

The installation procedure will copy all required program files into the AI Programs folder you choose.
Important notes:
  • When reinstalling or upgrading, CoCreate Modeling must NOT be running or else the files may not be updated properly.  If this is the case, you will receive a warning from the installer that the file is locked.  Closing CoCreate Modeling will allow the installation to continue successfully.
  • Installing the software DOES NOT automatically set it up to be loaded into CoCreate Modeling at startup.  Please see the support article on automatic startup for information on how to do this.
  • Changing the location of the AI Tools by simply copying the files from the installation directory to another location may cause your tools to stop working -- it's much better to reinstall the tools in the new location using the most recent update installation package from Aspiration Innovation.

Licensing Support

All AI MAXTools products use PTC's CoCreate ME License Server (MEls) technology to ensure licensing compliance.

When Product licenses are purchased, the requested number of licenses are provided.  These licenses allow the requested number of users to run the software concurrently.  Once this number of users is reached, the MEls system will not allow any new licenses to be granted until one of the active licenses is returned i.e. the person using it exits their CoCreate Modeling session or deactivates their license(s).

If you receive a message that there is no license available for a function or module, this means that at least one of the following has occurred:

  • No license for the selected module has been purchased
  • All available licenses for the selected module are currently in use
  • License period for the selected module has expired
  • The network connection to the license server machine has been broken
  • The MEls software on the license server machine is not functioning correctly.
If you receive a message that unauthorized licensing modifications have been detected, you will need to restart your CoCreate Modeling session.  This message only occurs if an application on your system tries to bypass or otherwise circumvent the MEls licensing system.


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